Daniel 5:11

When the Spirit of the Lord spoke to me in 2012 to undertake this project, it was based on a passage found in Daniel 5:11

Greg Abel

Who We Are

5 ELEVEN GENERATION is the embodiment of what was found to be in Daniel and his contemporaries. They were schooled in spiritual arts, sciences, language, commerce, and even though they served in the courts of a Babylon – they wielded the most influence, enjoyed the greatest favour and provided the soundest solutions. All the while they remained loyal to their God and relevant to their society. 5:ELEVEN is truly a market place generation of signs & wonders, dreams, visions, prohecy and mystery - radiating the Light of God!

About Us

God is once again raising a 5 ELEVEN GENERATION on our planet to express the manifest wisdom of the Living God of Heaven and Earth.


Feel free to contact us about getting involved with our projects or ministry!

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